Malcolm Speed
Malcolm Speed Chairman

Malcolm Speed

Malcolm Speed has had a long and varied career as a lawyer, sports administrator, and company director. After 20 years as a senior basketball administrator, he was appointed in 1997 as Chief Executive of Cricket Australia. In 2001 he was appointed as Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council, a position he held up to 2008.

He now works as a consultant, company director and university lecturer. One of his roles is as Executive Director of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS) which consists of Australian Football League, Australia Rugby Union, Cricket Australia, Football Federation Australia, National Rugby League, Netball Australia and Tennis Australia.

He is a Life Member of ANSZLA and was the third recipient of ANZSLA's Outstanding Service to Sport Award in 2008. He is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading sports administrators.

He is also a Director of Victorian Major Events Company, Golf Australia and Richmond Football Club. He lectures in Sports Law at Melbourne University and Sports Administration at Deakin University.

Dr Sheila Nguyen
Dr Sheila Nguyen Executive Director

Dr Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila Nguyen, LEED Green Associate, is the Executive Director of the Sports Environment Alliance. She is committed to research evidencing the influence sport has as a change agent for social and environmental good. In her experience working with licensing/marketing (PGA Tour, USA), corporate consulting (William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills, USA), broadcasting (2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou, China) and in her role as a Director for Baseball Victoria, she has seen the potential and actual power of sport to effectively empower social change, and ecological consciousness is yet another frontier ready to be tackled.

“The sport industry needs the environment, and right now, the environment needs a loud, sexy, high profile voice and I believe sport holds the megaphone”
Chelsea Caple
Chelsea Caple Operations

Chelsea Caple

Chelsea has joined the team with a sport development background, working for both State and National Sporting Associations. Chelsea's sports management involvement covers a range of sporting organisations, with prior employment at Tennis Australia, Exercise Research Australia, Skylark Sports, and Calisthenics Victoria, as well as managing a recreational Gymnastics Club. She is currently a Football Development Manager for AFL Victoria.
Chelsea has a Bachelor of Exercise Science through Australian Catholic University and is currently completing her Masters of Business (Sports Management) at Deakin University.
Chelsea's strategic and business background saw her assist in the development of the Calisthenics Victoria Strategic Plan whilst acting Executive Officer, regularly assisting sporting clubs in planning and good governance practices, as well as managing several government funding programs, supporting inclusive participation and volunteers.
Courtney Dufty
Courtney Dufty Marketing

Courtney Dufty

Courtney completed a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion / Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing in 2015. With a strong focus on gaining practical experience within the health industry, Courtney completed internships at beyondblue, Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), Monash Health and Her Heart. Courtney is currently a Graduate Analyst within the RACV Home Innovation team, and works as the Director of Marketing for SEA alongside maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Courtney hopes to further combine her passion of sport and health with marketing/innovation in the future.
Lachie McLean
Lachie McLean Partnerships

Lachie McLean

Lachie holds a strong connection with the great outdoors, having completed both his Bachelor’s and Honours degrees in Environmental Science. After spending a year researching the impact of climate change on remote seal colonies, he made a conscious decision to focus on solutions to this global issue. His journey began in the recreation industry, where he worked with the YMCA to identify and minimise their environmental footprint. Lachie recognises the important role sport plays in connecting communities and the opportunity for this industry to demonstrate leadership and inspire positive environmental change.

Lachie has advocated for stronger climate change action from the grassroots level through to the international stage of the United Nations. He is now working as a Sustainability Officer at the Surf Coast Shire Council, where he is assisting their Renewable Energy Task Force in working towards a renewable energy target of 25% by 2020.
Molly Daft
Molly Daft Events

Molly Daft

Molly completed a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and is now studying Sport Management at Deakin, where she was introduced to the work of SEA. Coming from a small town in country Victoria, Molly grew up seeing how sport can bring communities together and give people the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than themselves. The idea of using this power of community to create a positive movement in making sport sustainable into the future is something Molly is really excited to be a part of with SEA.
Taylor Burchett
Taylor Burchett Research

Taylor Burchett

Taylor began researching the intersection of sport and sustainability while working toward a Bachelor of History degree at Georgetown College (Kentucky, USA). She is now continuing that research while pursuing a Masters of Environmental Studies degree from Ohio University (Ohio, USA). Her involvement with SEA began with an internship, and she is excited to still be working with the SEA Team. She has experience working with the Zero Waste Team at Ohio University and has partnered with the athletics department on several projects.

Growing up in a rural Ohio town, she was immersed in the environment from early on. One of her fondest memories is growing watermelons with her great-grandparents. She would write her name on a melon with a permanent marker and as the watermelon grew, so would her name. She hopes she can also leave her mark on the growing field of sustainability in sport.
Shae Schmidt
Shae Schmidt Office Manager

Shae Schmidt

Shae has a genuine interest in sport and the impact sport has on the wider community. After receiving her degree in Sport Management from the University of Delaware, an opportunity arose for Shae to travel to Australia to take on a role as an intern at Vicsport. At the conclusion of her internship, Shae was introduced to the SEA team and is excited to help the sport community become more sustainable.

David Gallop
David Gallop CEO – Football Federation Australia
Kate Palmer
Kate Palmer CEO – Australian Sports Commission
James Sutherland
James Sutherland CEO – Cricket Australia
Stephen Pitt
Stephen Pitt CEO - Golf Australia
Gillon McLachlan
Gillon McLachlan CEO - Australian Football League
Brian Ward
Brian Ward Sports Lawyer
Stephen Gough
Stephen Gough Former CEO – Melbourne Cricket Club
Kerri-Anne Kennerly
Kerri-Anne Kennerly Appointed Director - Golf Australia Board
Nick Green
Nick Green Board Member - Commonwealth Games Australia
Keith Bradshaw
Keith Bradshaw CEO - South Australian Cricket Association
Tracy Gaudrey
Tracy Gaudrey Management Committee President - Union Cycliste Internationale