The Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) will co-host a public lecture with Climate Reality, entitled: ‘The Tale of Two MCCs: Melbourne and Marylebone’

We will uncover the journeys of the two MCCs; Melbourne Cricket Club and Marylebone Cricket Club in mitigating our changing climate.

We are pleased to present Dr Russell Seymour, Chairman of the British Association of Sustainability in Sports (BASIS) and head of sustainability at Lord’s Cricket Ground to the Melbourne community.  

Russell’s commitment has led to the decision to be completely wind energy powered, making every cricket match carbon neutral. 

We are equally delighted that Peter Wearne, General Manager, Melbourne Cricket Ground, will be introducing Dr Russell Seymour. 

Aside from their connection through the Ashes, they share the same moral obligation to minimising their footprint and to ensure their institutions are resilient for the future. Through Peter’s leadership, the MCG has had recent attention in its environmental leadership in effectively managing water use and materials management, with diversion rates well above 80%.  

Peter’s work can be seen in coverage by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

EVENT: The Tale of two MCC’s, preserving 200 years of cricket history for 200+ years into its clean future.

DATE: Wednesday 7th November, 2018

TIME: 4:00PM- 6:00PM (AEST)

WHERE: PAR-MSD-B121 (Malaysian Theatre), Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3052, Victoria

Opening remarks will be given by Dr Sheila N Nguyen, Executive Director, Sports Environment Alliance. 




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Russell holds a degree in Ecology, a Masters in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Biodiversity Management. He is passionate about wildlife, recycling and all environmental issues, and is devoted to the welfare of this planet and to the preservation of its ecosystems for future generations. His passion and work focused on sustainability is translated in the leadership of Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Peter Wearne

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Peter has been the General Manager – Facilities with the Melbourne Cricket Club since 2006, and as such is responsible for one of the world’s largest sporting stadiums, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  A key area of focus across his many areas of operation is sustainability and the environmental performance of the MCG. Ongoing upgrades and efforts in water conservation, environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste management have significantly improved the stadium’s green credentials and confirmed the MCG’s standing as one of the most sustainable stadia in the world.