At tonight’s official Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) SEAson 2 event, held at AFL House, we are excited to celebrated the growing group of Foundation Members that represent the pillars for which SEA will be supported. By joining SEA, these organisations are establishing the knowledge and networks, needed, to empower Australasian sport industry stakeholders to become environmental stewards.

The following sport organisations have made, and will continue to make, enduring and significant contributions as foundation members: the Melbourne Cricket Club/Melbourne Cricket Ground, Greater Western Sydney Giants FC, Netball Australia, Cricket Australia, Australian Football League, Tennis Australia, South Australian Cricket Association, Victoria Racing Club, Golf Australia, Football Federation Australia, City of Melbourne, Basketball Australia, Australian Golf Course Superintendents’ Association (AGCSA) and the Confederation of Motorsport Australia and Bowls Australia is a gold member.

Netball Australia CEO Kate Palmer explains that “all sports have a role in making sure the environments we live and play in are sustainable and that we work towards achieving a cleaner and healthier future. Netball Australia is looking forward to working with our Sports Environment Alliance partners in reducing our impact on the environment.”

Chief Executive Stephen Pitt, expressed that Golf Australia was delighted to be a foundation partner of something so fundamental to the future of sport. He cited that “golf, by its nature, is green and we are unreservedly committed to maintaining and advancing that mindset, and helping others to do the same. Sustainability of activities is important for all of us – and golf is right behind the Sports Environment Alliance and its ideals.”

“Bowls Australia is committed to implementing environmentally sustainable initatives and developing best practices for the 1,924 affiliated bowls clubs across the country, so our organisation is pleased to partner with the Sports Environment Alliance to help achieve these outcomes” said Neil Dalrymple, Chief Executive Officer of Bowls Australia.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Sheila Nguyen|Executive Director|Sports Environment Alliance

Michael Speakman|Co-Director Marketing|Sports Environment Alliance